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The iPhone 8 is a huge step forward if youre still using an iPhone 6, and if you opt for the Plus model, the dual camera is a benefit over any single-lens phone.

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Itd be wonderful if the iPhone X has an option or you to unlock straight to the home screen or to the last app you used. Apple didnt respond to a request for clarification on that issue. 3.

iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8: Which Big-Screen Phone Will Win?

You have to be impressed by the new Galaxy S8 — even if you’re a long-time iPhone fan. Samsung’s new phone boasts everything you could want in a smartphone, and it packages it all into a

iPhone 8 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 8: Camera Battle |

You don’t like to stay in the same mode for too long, and your adventurous side means you’re always looking to explore new tech. Get a Galaxy S8, my friend! Rules to win a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iPhone

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The iPhone 8 is equipped with a 12MP camera and the iPhone 8 Plus has a dual 12MP camera with an f/1.8 aperture and f/2,8 aperture. Apple says the new cameras have better autofocus, built-in noise

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The iPhone X-vs.-Galaxy Note 8 showdown is about as close as you can get between two top-line phones — so close in fact, that the devices split things right down the middle. Phone iPhone X

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Interface If you value simplicity more than anything else when it comes to the experience, then you’ll favor iOS with the iPhone X. One can argue that the latest Samsung Experience running on top of Android 8.1 Oreo with the Note 9 is visually simplified as well with its interface, but there’s still a layer of complexity over the experience.

3 Ways to Switch from Android Samsung to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

[Summary]: Want to switch from Android Samsung Galaxy phone to iPhone X/Xs (Max)? Here is a complete guide shows you how to transfer data from Android to iPhone X/Xs (Max) via Move to iOS app, Phone Transfer and iPhone & Android Manager tool.

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Androidphonesoft Phone to Phone Transfer is currently the best software to migrate data from one smartphone to another. It supports the latest Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian. You can use it to transfer data between Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Sony, LG and other devices.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Which Big Screen Phone Will Win

The Apple iPhone X Giveaway: Enter Here To Win A Free iPhone X [Update: Winner Announced] By Oliver Haslam | November 22nd, 2017 You would likely have had to be living in a deep, dark cave somewhere to have missed the fact that the iPhone X is now available to buy, assuming you can find one in stock somewhere.

iOS & Android Manager: A Must-Have Phone Transfer

Home > Tutorials >Move Data from Windows Phone to iPhone 7/6S/6/5S Transfer Contact/Music/Photo from Windows Phone to iPhone You have just purchased a new iPhone 6S and now you want to transfer all the contacts and music from your Windows phone to the new iPhone during initial setup.

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