Here’s Where Voters Can Score Election Day Freebies

In 2008, on “Saturday Night Live,” Starbucks announced it would give free coffee on election day to anyone with the standard “I voted” sticker, as a reward for voting.

Election Day Freebies: 30 Deals You Can Access With An I

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Its Election Day folks! As if the current state of the government isnt reason enough to exercise your right to vote, brands and hot spots across the city are offering freebies and specials to

Election Day in Pittsburgh: High voter turnout

Participating in the democratic process is an essential part of living America. Though it does require time and energy to research candidates and come up with your voting plan, so after that part

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Thus, freebies vitiate the sanctity of elections, smearing campaigns by candidates have a large bearing on the voter’s personality and their choices. Distribution of freebies in election or pre-election existence is a deeply ingrained tradition which

Election Day 2018: Where voters can find free food and

After pulling the lever for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Tuesday, reward yourself with one of the many tasty freebies happening on Election Day.

Election Day Freebies: 17 Tasty Treats for Voters | The

A number of shops, restaurants and chains are advertising giveaways on Tuesday as we vote to name the 45th president of the United States. But dont let those retailers force you to prove you


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Election 2019 Election Day in Pittsburgh: High voter turnout, congressional district confusion, illegal freebies

All The Amazing Voter Specials & Freebies In NYC

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Uber is also distributing free ride codes through voter groups, and users can find their polling place within the app, which will unlock a $10 off code. Getaround is offering $10 off rides to the

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Here’s Where Voters Can Score Election Day Freebies & Deals Anyone who brings in a valid voter’s registration card or an “I Voted” sticker can work out for free on Nov. 8. And for

Election Day freebies 2018: Free rides to the polls and

Election Day freebies and deals for voters nationwide If you need any more incentive to get off the couch and make your voice heard, voting can get you freebies and discounts from some well-known

Chains offering free food and deals for Election Day

“Any person who gives or receives, or offers to give or receive, or participates in the giving or receiving of money or gifts for the purpose of registering as a voter, voting, or voting for a particular candidate in any primary or election shall be guilty of a felony.â€

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Voting has its perks — you know, besides contributing to the future of the United States and fulfilling a civic duty. Because the matchup between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary

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Doreen Christensen, Mike Mayo, and Ben Crandell take a swig at Royal Pig Pub and talk freebies and deals you can get with the "I Voted" sticker on Election Day.

An ‘I Voted’ Sticker Can Get You Free Stuff, but It

Midterm elections are happening across the United States on November 6. Voter turnout typically isnt great for midterms, so some brands offer freebies and deals to those who show their "I Voted

Vote and get rewarded with 25 freebies and deals on

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Take a look at a few freebies being offered to voters: Free Fritas at Ariete Chef Michael Beltran of Ariete will be handing out a free Frita to all guests who come to Ariete with a voter sticker.

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